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PS: Внимание! Выкуп билетов производится на причалах маршрута не позднее указанной даты путешествия.

"St. Petersburg City Tour" program has been appeared in 2008 with active support of City administration. Inspirers of the program set to themselves the object to remove a sightseeing tour on the level of the best European programs and to exceed it. "City Tour" contains a lot of features which profitable distinguish it from other sightseeing tours.

In each CITY TOUR bus you can purchase tickets for the City Cruise tour! Take advantage of the advantageous price offer on monthly cards the bus + the City Cruise and convenient stops for change from one type of excursion transport on another!

Schedule of City Tour buses

1. Yards of the Chapel (Bolshaya Konyushennaya St., 11)
2. Sky Hotel (Bolshaya Konyushennaya St., 17)
3. Fortetion Petter (Millionnaya St., 29)
4/ Brothers Karamazov (Sotsialisticheskaya St., 11A)
5. Network of hostels Friends (Nevsky Ave., 106)
6/ Red tower (Nevsky Ave., 74)
7/ Vest's hotel (Nevsky Ave., 90-92)
8. Old Vienna (Gorokhovaya St., 8)
9. Happy Pushkin (Angliyskaya Emb., 52)
10. hotel of Vodogray (Karavannaya St., 2)
11. Boutique hotel Leningrad (Galernaya St., 30)
12. Cameo hotel (Fontanka River Emb., 90)
13. Pío's hotel (Mokhovaya St., 39)
14. ROSES hotel (Vosstaniya St., 13)
15. Nevsky hotel 74 (Nevsky Ave., 74-76)
16. Pestel inn hotel (Pestel St., 3)
17. hotel Anichkov (Nevsky Ave., 64)
18. hotel Stasov (1 line, V.O. house 16)
19. hotel St. Petersburg fairy tale (Nekrasov St., 44)

The Guest card of St. Petersburg is a single electronic card for tourists which includes visit of the best museums and excursions, the electronic transport ticket, advantageous offers and discounts.

Use the Guest Card system to arrange themselves unforgettable walk along the City Cruise tour.

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